If one has knowledge, time, and the desire to teach or mentor, they can sign up and get their own home page to describe their background and skills.

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UberTutor Me

If you want to learn something from a person with the expertise, just search for the topic and pick your tutor.   You will be able to see their skills, ratings, fees, and schedule.

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As an UberTutor, you can create a mentor relationship with a colleague that needs your guidance and wisdom, in addition to learning a skill or fact.

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UberTutor INCOME

An UberTutor is a self employed entrepreneur, that can set his or her own price and schedule. You can also choose to donate your time and talent.

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Let's Democratize the Knowledge Economy

Lets bring down the barrier to expert/student knowledge exchange and empower people to value their life experiences and give away knowledge and wisdom to those who seek it or wish to pay for it.

Know something teach it for the joy of sharing your knowledge.

"Knowledge is only valuable if communicated with others to enhance the quality of people's lives"" St Ignatius de Loyola

 Need money...charge for sessions and create a job for yourself. The world is filled with under-employed people with the ability to share their knowledge as a public service at no cost, or to create an income for themselves as they become a cost effective resource for a potential student.

Why should a college student flip burgers when they could mentor a student at their high school for the SAT tests, playing an instrument, or study skills? Why should a retired craftsman, executive or professional feel bored in retirement, when those behind them need advice and mentorship.

Need to learn something, use the UberTutor to find someone to teach or mentor you. Get face to face with your personal UberTutor and supplement your learning and training in a secure, cost effective way. This platform is automated and self service, and can work on any level or fee structure.

Take the initiative to advance your knowledge from those skilled or expert in the subject area you wish to know.




Next Steps...

We are enrolling UberTutors now. Please click to the right and let us help you get started.

Student and mentor training will go live in March 2017

Private custom branded secure, HIPAA and FERPA compliant UberTutor platforms are being built now.